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Studio Mortandello is a well-established and experienced accounting and consulting firm located in Due Carrare, Padua. Dr. Narciso Mortandello, chartered accountant and auditor, founded it in 1997.

In 2012, the increasing number of customers was followed by the opening of a new office in which first-class advice are offered in the following specific fields: Tax, Accounting, Finance and Labour & Corporate Law.

Our long-lasting professional experience is continuously offered by our experts, who operate also at companies’ head-quarters: this is the ideal solution for getting familiar with our customers’ problems, understanding and efficiently meeting their needs and for trying to find the most suitable solutions for their business.

We have been dealing with a vast diversity of cases over the past years and this has allowed us to further develop. We are offering the highest quality of professional services by looking not only at traditional companies but also at the relevant and emerging “non-profit” sector. Through our flexible culture we provide our clients with specific solutions for their international business needs and requirements: we assist clients in the establishment of foreign-based companies or foreign companies which want to operate in Italy.


“Your problems are our worries.

Our objective is to prevent them in order to make your business grow.”

Traditional services

We do what we have been doing for many years; this has been always at the base of our culture and way of operating. We make your “way of doing business” easier.

Administrative & Accounting Advisory Services
Tax and Fiscal Advisory Services
Financial Advisory Services
Strategic Advisory Services
Auditing Advisory Services
Legal Advisory Services

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak” Hans Hofmann

How can we surprise you?

We are committed to delivering the highest-level services to serve your company’s needs. We have never limited our offer. Today time flies very fast and we want to move with it.

Digital consulting
D.Lgs. 231/2001 – Administrative Responsibility of a Crime
Workplace Health and Safety
Compound Interests and Usury computation
Banking Conditions Check
Business Management Control


Nowadays, having a well-established accounting and consulting firm as a unique reference point is fundamental for your business. The founder, Dr. Narciso Mortandello, has been representing a certainty for his clients for more than 20 years. All staff members have played a fundamental role: a team that Dr. Narciso Mortandello has carefully selected over the years.


It is essential to try to be a perfect mechanism in order to develop a solid and successful project.


Dott. Ennio Vial

Trust expert

Avv. Tonino Giordan
Avv. Alberto Poncina


Avv. Alberto Tenca


Avv. Anna Di Lorenzo
Avv. Marilena Giordan


Avv. Cristiano Giovanni Gasparutti


Our beliefs


It is the freedom to say what is wrong and what is right by avoiding today’s common and frequent attitude to say something different. This can prevent future possible problems.




We do not believe that there is an end-point. It’s thanks to innovation that we are able to provide our customers with what they need for making their business grow.


No matter the size of your business, it is always our priority.



We know our customers’ needs and problems and we also know how difficult it is doing business today. In a so-fast world we try to be as fast as possible.


It is impossible to create an actual network of relations without trust. We believe in your business, as it was ours.


We believe that the environment has to be preserved for the coming generations. Thanks to digital storage our paper consumption has decreased by more than 50%.


Our work is technical, very accurate and systematic. We do not leave anything to chance.


We take to heart our customers’ problems. We always find ad hoc solutions for solving what appears unsolvable.



The union between science and awareness is art. Our art is to be able to do things as real professionals do.

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